Curly Qs: Curl Revitalizer

Maintaining my curls between washes is a little tricky. Sure, leave-ins and gels work wonders the first day, but I try to avoid adding these daily so I don’t get buildup. I’m always looking for an alternative product that will calm the crazy frizz I wake up with in the morning.

Luckily, a quick search of our beauty closet led me to Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper ($16 for 8 oz), a water-based styling aid without silicone. I’ve been using it in the morning on the days I don’t wash my hair. Voila! Those pesky flyaways are tamed and my curls are grouped together nicely. The unique clear formula is light and doesn’t feel sticky, which is perfect for restyling.

This is definitely a keeper on my list! What products do you like to use to revitalize your curls?