Curly Qs: The Conditioner Controversy

Do you rinse out all your conditioner or leave some on when you wash your hair? I leave a small amount on instead of removing completely. I feel this helps keep my hair hydrated and it doesn’t get as frizzy. I’ve noticed the difference when I leave on too much, though, because my curls seem dull. This got me wondering if I should be leaving any regular conditioner on to begin with.

I asked fellow curly-haired staffers about their conditioning rituals- some leave a little bit on for softer curls and others wash it out completely and just use a leave-in. So, what’s the best option? At a recent Pantene product launch, their senior scientist mentioned there is nothing wrong with leaving a thin film of conditioner on hair. I’ve also heard experts say whether or not to leave some on depends on the texture. This totally makes sense; if you have fine hair it would look greasy and weighed down, but coarse hair can benefit from a little bit of extra moisture. To avoid dull curls when using this method, apply conditioner from mid-length down to your ends so it doesn’t touch your scalp and don’t leave on too much.

Chicas, tell me what you think. Is it worth leaving some regular conditioner on your hair or do you prefer using leave-ins?