Curly Qs: The Co-Wash Experiment readers Bohoglam and LaColochitaRica mentioned that they don’t wash their hair everyday, but they do condition it daily. Several of my curly-haired friends also do this and rave that it makes their hair feel super soft.

All the hype got me wondering why I never tried this before! Intrigued, I decided to conduct a “co-wash” experiment for a week! In between my usual 2-3 day wash, I wet, conditioned and styled my hair daily. I have to admit, it was weird to wet my hair and not scrub my scalp with shampoo, but it was definitely quicker! After rinsing, I applied my leave-in and allowed my hair to air-dry. I didn’t notice a difference at first, but after a few days my hair began to feel smoother then usual. By the end of the week, my curls looked hydrated and definitely felt soft.

I’m not sure if I can do this all the time, though. Aside from the fact that I don’t wash my hair daily because it doesn’t get greasy and would start to dry out, it also saves me time! I think I’ll co-wash on special occasions when I want my locks in tip-top shape.

Cuéntenme, why do you ladies co-wash? Are there any other suggestions or rituals you’d like me to try?