Curly Qs: A Chat With John Frieda

I used to live by my diffuser when I was younger, spending precious time crunching each curl. Recently, though, I’ve been air-drying due to a lack of time and diffusing on special occasions. You can imagine my shock when a hairstylist told me months ago that diffusing can create frizz because it’s concentrated heat that can lead to fluffed up curls. So, at a recent event, I met Mr. John Frieda, of Frizz-Ease fame, and we had a conversation about diffusers.

He told me diffusers do let out concentrated heat, so you don’t want to keep it on the same area for too long—which can dry out hair. A cool trick Frieda mentioned is that as soon as hair feels warm, you should move to another section. So it seems the key is to continue to move the diffuser around your head and try not to touch curls too much because that friction will make curls look frizzy. We concluded our conversation with the topic of air-drying. I mentioned it because it’s quicker for me, and he added that it’s a good alternative because after you’ve added styling products, you’re not tempted to touch curls too much. How do you feel about your diffuser? Is it your curly hair staple?