Curly Qs: Ceramic Heat Hair Dryers

It has to have been more than five years since I’ve replaced my blow dryer. I usually just wait until one dies to buy another. But I couldn’t resist trying the Barbar Eco 8000 Blow Dryer ($150, because it uses a ceramic device to create heat—instead of those metal coils found inside old-school dryers. It’s supposed to be more eco-friendly because it uses less energy and doesn’t give off as much radiation as traditional ones do. I always try to find new ways to be green, so this appealed to me.

The Eco 8000 was a little heavy to maneuver at first, but it could just be that I’m used to holding my old dryer. It’s relatively quiet while it’s working, which is always good. Before I knew it, my long, thick curls were dry quicker then ever. Another benefit of ceramic dryers is that they are supposed to distribute the heat evenly and not damage hair. I’ll have to keep on using it to notice this, but the speedy drying time is enough to get me hooked.