Curly Qs

I have naturally curly hair—a lot of it (trust me, every time I go to the salon stylists complain about how much I have!). My curls are semi-tight for the most part with a few tight baby hairs around my face. I embrace my curly hair; I rarely straighten it. Sure, I get frustrated with the unruly curls, unmanageable frizz and lack of silky shine, but my curls define me and I love them. Plus, it gives me an excuse to try out different products. So, I’ve learned a few tricks that I’d like to share, and in turn, I'd like to learn some from you.

My first tip: Don’t wash your hair everyday or it will dry it out! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I only detangle with a wide-toothed comb in the shower, and never comb through once it’s dry. Using a leave-in conditioner on damp hair is great to hydrate and prevent frizz. I’ve been using Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner lately; it adds a little shine and keeps my locks in place without the crunchy factor.

Ladies, let me hear from you: Tell me about your curly woes, products you love or hit me up with your toughest questions and I’ll get back to you every Wednesday.


Sandra Vanessa Mariscal