Curly Q’s: Product Aficionada

I’m a self-confessed hair product junkie—if you haven’t already noticed. I like to experiment with my strands, which means I end up accumulating a bunch of half-filled bottles, tubes and spray cans. Every few months I have to clean out my cabinets and purge the items I don’t want anymore. But the one product I can never seem to get rid of (and keep going back to) is Infusium 23 (Frizz)ologie Leave-in Treatment ($7, drugstores). This liquid leave-in conditioner sets my curls nicely and keeps them from frizzing. Its light consistency doesn’t weigh down my hair, create sticky buildup, or leave a milky cast like some cream versions do.

This was actually the very first leave-in conditioner I ever tried. I remember I was in grammar school when my mom bought it for me and I was still trying to figure out how to manage curly hair. I quickly got the hang of it with this product, which is another reason I can’t bear to part with it today. I noticed readers Stardust17 and Doubleg828 share my love for this product, too. Are you addicted to a special hair product? Share with us.