Curl Power: New Tips for Your Texture

All around the country—make that the world—Latina women are chucking chemical straighteners, flat irons and hot combs, and embracing the versatility and freedom of the natural texture of our hair.

One recent afternoon in New York City approximately 300 women with a wide-range of waves, kinks and coils celebrated the movement at’s first ever pool party. At the event, we picked up a few awesome tips from the curly-hair experts. Whether your tresses grow in smooth spirals or bad-ass kinks, here are some tips for rocking your natural hair:

  • Get to know your texture.  Curl types run the gamut from loose waves to springy coils, and the texture dictates its care. Jane Carter, celeb stylist and creator of natural haircare line Jane Carter Solution, suggests washing, conditioning and air-drying hair for a true snapshot of your locks. If your hair has multiple textures—and most do—then your best bet for managing it is with a styling cream, like Carter’s Curl Defining Cream ($34,, which is designed to smooth a wide range of textures.
  • Transition beautifully. If you’re ready to say goodbye to chemicals, but not your relaxed hair (yet), try gradually cutting it off while wearing braids, twists, and curly styles that don’t stress the point where your new growth and relaxed hair meet (otherwise, you run the risk of your hair breaking there). Need some instruction and inspiration? Check out our favorite YouTube bloggers: NaturalChica, Empress Ri, Taren916 and Naptural85 and pics of our favorite curly-hair celebs.
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Because the coils in your hair prevent scalp oil from reaching your ends, your strands always crave moisture. For a mega-boost, try Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie ($9.99, for thick coils, Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia ($16, on kinky curls, and Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream ($20, for looser ringlets and waves.