The Coolest New Brushes

From monster knots to uncontrollable frizz, these will get you out of the hairiest situations.

Best for...

1. Quick drying: A flat paddle brush with vents in the back will grab large sections of hair and allow air to flow through.
Conair Vented Paddle Brush with Tourmaline-Ionic and Ceramic Technology ($8)


2. Adding shine: Boar hair bristles pick up natural oils from your scalp and distribute them throughout strands.
Fekkai Classic Brush ($95)


3. Straightening: Pick a brush that opens and closes like a pair of tongs. Bristles line the inside of each arm, so you can clamp the brush over hair and pull down to straighten as you blow-dry.
Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Salon Double Ended Brush ($20)


4. Detangling: Use one with widely spaced bristles that will slip through hair easily.
Goody Ouchless Paddle Brush ($10: Target stores nationwide)


5. Smoothing greñitas: Blow out frizzies along the hairline with a 2 inch round brush that has tightly packed bristles. It's small enough to grab onto tiny hairs at the root.
Comare Massage Grip 12 Row Round Brush ($6)


6. Boosting volume: Curl hair around a fat round brush as you blow-dry to give it more body. Make sure the brush has a metal core, which will heat up and lock in the style.
I|M 53mm Thermal Round Brush ($22)


7. Taming static: Brushes with tourmaline—a gem that's crushed into a powder mixture and infused into the bristles—emit negative ions to reduce static electricity. Girl, don't you just love technology?
Infiniti by Conair Vented Brush with Tourmaline-Ionic Ceramic Technology ($15)