Meet Riawna Capri: The Hairstylist to Every Major Latina in Hollywood

Riawna Capri is the queen of cool hair. She styles everyone from Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato to Victoria Justice and Julianne Hough and owns three Nine Zero One salons in LA. Now, she's signed on to be the celebrity ambassador for Clear Hair & Scalp Care and we sat down with the tress trendsetter to chat about shaved sides, braids, and video shoot locks — heed her advice below.

Let's talk Selena Gomez and the amazing hair you created for her "I Want You to Know" video shoot:

Yeah! Well the whole video theme was '70s-inspired, so we got two packs of hair extensions instead of just one, which we would normally use. We gave her this Farrah Fawcett, amazing va-va-voom, bouncy, voluminous hair. The bangs in the center, flipped, out — so awesome and super sexy.

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What made you want to partner with Clear Hair & Scalp Care?

I think it's very important to start in the shower, it's very important to start at the scalp for healthy hair. If you have a healthy scalp you'll have healthy hair and I think that is the aspect that is missing today in all a lot of advertisements. They're talking about the end, the ends, the ends of the hair, well okay let's start at the root! Let's start where it grows, let's keep that part healthy and that's at the scalp. 

What's your favorite product line?

The Active Damage Line is really really awesome because it's basically like bullet proofing your hair, pre all the styling, the heat, the sun, blow drying, curling irons, flat irons, etc. 

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It seems like you're behind every cool braid and textured short 'do — where do you keep drawing inspiration from?

I think a lot of it is looking back at what's already been done, and how to either tweak it or do something different. I'm obsessed with Pinterest and Instagram hashtags because there's a lot of people doing random awesome hair in Germany or Russia that you can see, and I can tweak it to my own. 


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