Celeb Style Poll: Should Naya Rivera Cut Her Hair?

When we saw Naya Rivera at the Grammys, we did a double take. Did the Glee star cut her hair?! A moment later we realized that she’d simply pinned up her long locks into a faux bob. But she looked so retro-glam with the new style that we can’t help but wonder if she should just go for the big chop.  Take our poll below, and follow these simple steps to recreate the faux bob:
1.     Part your hair slightly off-center.

2.     Tie hair in a very low pony. Pull the elastic band a few inches from the end of your hair.

3.     Take the end of the ponytail, loop it under towards your head till you reach the desired length (in other words, where you want the bob to end).

4.     Then tuck your hair underneath and hold with bobby pins to secure it.

5.     Use a lightweight hair spray to hold the style in place. Finish it off by pulling a few pieces of hair out to give the look more of a modern touch.