Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

Have you heard of the Brazilian Blowout? No, it's not the notorious bikini wax from South America. It’s a new kind of hair straightening treatment that transforms frizzy, curly hair into tresses that are smooth, straight and shiny. Unlike the Japanese Straightening Perm, the Brazilian Blowout doesn’t kill your hair. And the Brazilian Blowout fades out instead of growing out, which makes the re-growth period look more natural.

“You don’t chemically straighten the hair,” says stylist Tom Brophy, who says that the Brazilian Blowout is the perfect treatment for a variety of Latin hair textures. “You restructure hair by wrapping a protein around it. The more you do it, it becomes cumulative and keeps looking better and healthier.” He adds that the hair also retains more natural bounce, but without the usual accompanying frizz. Styling hair that has been through the Brazilian Blowout is a cinch! And the process lasts about eight to 10 weeks.

Brophy is offering a special Mother’s Day promotional event in his Beverly Hills salon from April 10 to May 12, 2009. The treatment for a full head of hair is usually around $450 depending on the consultation, but if clients mention “Mother’s Day Promo,” Brophy will take $100 off.

Brophy walked us through the steps to achieve the silken Brazilian Blowout with the Mexican-American model Roxanna, who revealed her natural hair texture at the salon. “When I first met her, the hair was curly but frizzy,” says Brophy.

Step one: “You will be shampooed and then towel dried off. Your hair is then sectioned off into very small sections,” says Brophy. “The stylist will then put the blowout solution through the hair with a brush and a comb and work through the head.”

Step two: “Then the hair is roughly blow-dried with the fingers,” says Brophy.

Step three: Brophy says that the flat iron used should be very, very hot, at least 450 degrees F. “Then the treatment is rinsed out,” he says, “and an anti-frizz masque is applied to the hair and rinsed.”

Step four: “The client then comes back to the chair and her hair is styled anyway she wants,” he says. “I blow-dried Roxanna after, and her hair was very easy to handle. So I thought the process and the product worked beautifully for her.”