Best Tressed: Talisa Soto is Summer Styling

1. 073109 Best Tressed Talisa Soto

Puerto Rican actress Talisa Soto adds some flare to her bun by adorning it with orchids for the screening of La Mission during the 10th Annual New York International Latino Film Festival.

2. 073109 Best Tressed Rocsi

BET VJ Rocsi lets her dark strands loose for an after-party for La Mission during the New York International Latino Film Festival.

3. 073109 Best Tressed Celines Toribio

Also at the Latino Film Festival, Dominican actress, Celines Toribio shows off her casual, yet shiny locks at the premiere of Fast & Furious and Los Bandoleros.

4. 073109 Best Tressed Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez curls up her bob cut for the Disney Channel’s “A Summer Soiree- The Magic of Mentoring” event in California.

5. 073109 Best Tressed Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz’s caramel hued highlights glisten in the sun at the Broken Embraces UK Film Premiere.