The Best Hairstyle for Every Face Shape

Let’s get real, nobody likes a bad hair day! While finding the perfect hairstyle can be a bit of a challenge, Dominican hairstylist Bibby Garcia is here to help! Named as the "Top Latina Hairdresser” by Latina back in 2007, Garcia is still making women feel beautiful with her talent at every appointment. Now working at Jagged Edge Salon in North Bergen, New Jersey, Garcia is ready to give the scoop on which hairstyles will best compliment your face shape. 

1. Face Shapes: Heart

Heart Shaped Face

For those with a heart-shaped face like Zoe Saldana, pick styles that draw the attention to your jawline. “The hairstyles that best work are layered styles or bobs that add body and softness, framing the face towards and around the jawline to draw attention away from the cheeks and (pointed) chin. Soft waves work great as well,” she explains. “Short styles can also be worn too, as long as it (hits right), and a bang can also be worn best if it’s a side bang.”

2. Face Shapes: Round

Round Faces

For those with a round face shape like Demi Lovato, stick to hairstyles that draw the attention away from width of the face: “Medium or long layered styles are great, but try to avoid straight blunt bangs because it will accentuate the roundness of the face,” says Garcia. If you want bangs, no need to drop them completely, Garcia just suggests a different style, “If you want to wear a bang, (make it) side swept and long so that the face appears slimmer.”

3. Face Shapes: Square

Square Faces   

For those with a square face like Rosario Dawson, go for styles that will soften up your strong features. “The best styles are usually textured, razor-cut bobs (that fall) a little below the jawline to draw attention away from the strong jawline, choppy long layers below the jaw, or medium length styles with volume which makes the width of the face appear smaller,” says Garcia. “Short styles are fine too as long as they are textured.” And for a polished look for day or night, Garcia suggests a sleek back ponytail that will really compliment your face shape.

4. Face Shapes: Long

Long Faces

For those with a long face like Jessica Alba, it’s your lucky day – this shape can get away with just about any look! “With this shaped face you can wear almost any style,” she says. “Hairstyles with any style bangs – blunt, choppy, feathered or side swept – are fine as long as they are not too short.” Shoulder length feathered layers (or just below the shoulder) are best to frame this face shape, and Garcia also suggests parting your hair down the middle to best compliment your features.