Beauty Transformation: Lola Leon Grows Up

From brows to braces to bangs to black hair, Lourdes Leon has already had quite the beauty transformation, and she’s only 14! Click through to see how much she’s changed in the last decade:

1. Lourdes Leon: Harry Potter

November 2005

For her first big public event, little Lola kept it classic. She left her long brunette hair down and straight and sported a white trimmed trench. Lourdes recently mentioned that she cringes when she looks back on her fashion choices, saying "I used to look at the outfits that I wore when I was 11 and I was like, 'That's really ugly.' I mean, I just thought I was the coolest kid ever and actually wasn't." Hopefully she wasn’t referring to this outfit—we think it’s adorable!

2. Lourdes Leon: Unicef

February 2008

Lourdes beamed when she attended “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi & Unicef” with her mom, who hosted the event with Gucci. Lourdes pinned her hair back herself and wore a sheer pink lip gloss. After the event, internet bloggers blew up over whether or not Madonna should tweeze her daughter’s naturally full brows. For the record: she was only eleven!

3. Lourdes Leon: Nine

July 2009

Lourdes flashes her new braces and shows off long, sideswept bangs at the New York City premiere of NINE.

4. Lourdes Leon: Material Girl

September 2010

With groomed brows and heavy black eyeliner, the bourgeoning fashion designer is a true teenager at her Macy’s “Material Girl” Collection Launch event. But don’t get too used to this look. Her beauty resolutions for 2011? “To get a nose ring, dye my hair blue, and stop wearing only black nail polish,” she writes on her Material Girl blog. 

5. Lourdes Leon: Vanity Fair

February 2011

In an interview for Access Hollywood, Lourdes and her mom, Madonna, discussed the idea of Lourdes changing her hair color. “It’s definitely still the goal,” Lola said. “She doesn’t really want me to, but…”
“Because once you start dying your hair, that’s it. You just keep dying it and you ruin your hair, " Madonna interjected.
“I don’t think I’m going to go blonde. I think a darker color, or like a really dark, dark red,” she explained.
It didn’t take too much longer for the starlet to win this battle. She showed up to this year’s Vanity Fair Oscar party with shiny, jet-black strands—and no braces!

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