Afro-Latina Beauty Week: How to Lighten Up Your Hair Color at Home!

Afro-Latina Beauty Week:  How to Lighten Up Your Hair Color at Home!
Marie Robinson Salon

In honor of our Afro-Latina week on, I stopped by the Marie Robinson salon here in NYC, where Marie set out to show me—and my lovely model Quiana—how to lighten up Quiana’s gorgeous, natural hair color using a box of dye from the drugstore. Follow her steps to copy this fresh summer look!

1. Marie chose Clairol Natural Instincts Vibrant in 9A Light Cool Blonde ($9, Despite Quiana’s warm skin tone, Marie picked a cool, ashy blonde shade so that the color wouldn’t turn too brassy.
By the way, the photo of the model on the hair dye box is of a very pale, very blonde woman. Don’t worry—since at-home hair dyes can only lighten color by up to three shades an "ashy blonde" dye will actually become a rich caramel on hair color like Quiana’s.

2. Marie put on gloves, then used her fingers to apply the dye to the ends of random pieces of Quiana’s dry hair to create natural-looking highlights. “Put the dye on your favorite curls, which will accentuate them,” she said. “And just focus on the top layer where the sun would lighten your hair. No need to be perfect; the more random, the more natural your result.” Also, work your way from the front of your head to the back, since the hair around your face is always lightest.

3. After ten minutes, we washed off the dye then conditioned Quiana’s hair with the treatment in the box (after two weeks, she’ll use the included Color Refresher to brighten any fading). Once her hair dried, we could see the gorgeous caramel highlights. I love how they define her amazing texture and brighten her golden skin tone!