9 Latina Hair Myths BUSTED!

9 Latina Hair Myths BUSTED!

When you ask celebrity colorist Nonie Creme to name a fact about her that you may not know, her favorite answer is, “I’m Latina!” Nonie is proud to be Mexican-American and with an extensive background in the beauty industry, she knows a thing or two about Latina locks. Having recently debuted her new line, Colour Prevails (a full range of prestige-quality makeup for face, eyes, lips, and nails) at Walgreens, her next venture is launching a semi-permanent vibrant hair colour line. Check out her expert tips on how to rock the pastel trend, as well as some of her favorite Latina hair myths, debunked below.

1. Wearing tight ponytails/buns is damaging to hair.

True/False. Well, it is if you are using your ponytail as a facelift alternative! A super-tight pony will snap hair off at the rubber band site. Years of pinning my own hair back has left me with bangs that I DID NOT CUT!! Use product to slick hair and create a taught, chic look whilst not actually pulling too tight. 

2. Avoid conditioner for a fuller look.

False: If you have coarse Latina hair like mine, skipping conditioner is not an option (unless you aspire to look like a cotton candy head.) Focus conditioner on the middle to ends of hair, and after blow drying, sprinkle dry shampoo onto clean roots for ultimate volume... and we're Latina, so ultimate volume kinda goes without saying! I use Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo.

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3. If I cut my hair it will grow thicker.

False:  Oh, how I wish this were true! Hair thickness and health comes from inside, starting with your genetic follicle heritage. You can take supplements to increase hair growth, and studies show that they do work, but BE WARNED — these will increase hair growth everywhere on your body, not just your head. Bandito mustache anyone??

4. Curly hair girls have it easy when it comes to styling.

False: It requires specific techniques to style and dry curly hair. No one wants to walk around with crunchy, over-gelled curls. It takes a lot of product to tame curly hair even for a “natural look.” Start with a weekly masque to soften hair and reduce fly-aways. Also, curly-haired girls should try NOT to brush their hair too much. It will cause a giant fuzz bomb! Use fingers to detangle, and massage WEN conditioner in (do not rinse). 

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