7 Shocking Hair Transformations!

In light of Shakira’s major hair transformation, we’ve taken a look back at 7 other jaw-dropping hair makeovers!

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1. Hair Transformation: Shakira

The more famous Shakira has gotten, the more blonde she’s become. The biggest transition: when she went from her almost-black hair (braided with ribbons on the cover of her 1998 Donde estan los ladrones? album) to these very blonde curls. 

2. Hair Transformations: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shocked the world when she suddenly went from her signature California blonde highlights to a rich all-over brunette tint in September 2006. 

3. Hair Transformation: Sofia Vergara

As Sofia Vergara’s admitted many times, it wasn’t until she dyed her naturally blonde hair a warm brown hue that casting agents would believe she was Latina. This was one major hair change that clearly worked in her favor!  

4. Hair Transformation: Sara Ramirez

A little less than a year ago, Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez had fans riveted when she shortened her shiny black strands to a chic chin-length bob.


5. Hair Transformation: Fergie

Fergie’s never been shy about transforming her look, but it was in March 2009 that the Black Eyed Pea made her most dramatic change, going from ashy blonde to dark brunette. 

6. Hair Transformation: Demi Lovato

It’s been quite the eventful year for Demi Lovato, who has experimented with a handful of hair colors since exiting rehab earlier this year. The most shocking hue change: this bright auburn color she debuted on twitter a month ago.  

7. Hair Transformation: Salma Hayek

Mexican actress Salma Hayek surprisingly lopped off her long layers in favor of this sleek blunt bob at the end of 2009. Since then, her hair has been inching back, but still hasn’t gotten as long as it once was. 

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