6 Ways To Keep Your Blowout

Six great tips to keep your hair looking fresh—even after you step out of the salon.


1. Dream in silk.
Sleep on a silk pillowcase, which minimizes rubbing and prevents frizz. Or you can wrap your hair in a silk scarf instead.


2. Prevent the dent.
Heading to the gym? Keep your hair out of your face with a clip or barrette instead of a rubber band, which can leave an indentation when you take it out.


3. Cap it off.
Many hair types begin to frizz or curl at the slightest sign of moisture.


4. Shun the iron.
Even if you crave super-sleek hair, tell your stylist to stay away from the flatiron. Because of your hair's natural oils, using it can make your style look matted down within a day or two.


5. Just say no.
Want to prevent your hair from going greasy? Ask your stylist to use minimal or no product in your hair when blowing it out.


6. Take a powder
Absorb excess oil and add volume by applying baby powder to your roots. If you're really in a pinch, try patting your scalp with oil-blotting face strips. They'll get the job done too!