6 Sexy Wedding Hairstyles To Consider

Whether you’re a modern bride or want to look like Cinderella, we’ve got the perfect style for that very special day, with pointers on how to recreate them yourself!

1. Wedding Hair: Selena Gomez

The Low Side Bun

To Get The Look:

-Part hair on the right side. With a comb or paddle brush, tease the hair at the crown to add volume.
-Bring all the hair to the right side and begin to tie it in a loose ponytail right behind your ear, but only pull half of the hair through the elastic to create a bun.
-Now wrap sections of hair around the bun, pinning strands to the bun with bobby pins.
-Curl any pieces of hair that naturally fell out of the bun.

2. Wedding Hair: Naya Rivera

Pinned Under Faux Bob

To Get The Look:

-Part your hair slightly off-center.
-Tie hair in a very low pony, then pull the elastic band a few inches from the end of your hair.
-Take the end of the ponytail, loop it under towards your head, then pin it to the bottom of your hairline.
- Pull a few pieces of hair out to give the look a modern touch, then use a lightweight hair spray (like Nexxus Finishing Mist, $10, target.com) to hold the style in place.

3. Wedding Hair: Camila Alves

Sophisticated Low Bun

To Get The Look:

-    Apply a smoothing serum (like Redken Glass 01, $24, ulta.com) through damp hair and then blow-dry straight.
-    -Use the end of a comb to create a sharp center part.
-    Pull hair back into a very low ponytail. Make sure your hair covers your ears.
-    For thin hair, slide a bun shaper (like this Conair one) over the ponytail, then pin the tail at the base of your ponytail.
-    Wrap hair around the bun shaper, making sure it’s completely hidden.

4. Wedding Hair: Eva Longoria

The Classic French Twist

How To Get The Look:

-If hair is clean, spritz a volume spray (like Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray, $3.49, drugstore.com) all over strands before blow-drying to add texture and height.
-Part hair on the side.
-Pull hair above the nape and twist upward and into itself, tucking the ends in at the top.
-Secure the twist with pins.

5. Wedding Hair: Jennifer Lopez

Texturized Updo

How To Get The Look:

-Add a styling cream (like L’Oreal Ever Sleek Frizz Taming Crème Serum, $9, lorealparisusa.com) on wet hair to get smoothness and shine.
-Blow dry hair straight and section hair into two ponytails, one on top of the other to create volume.
-Use a curling iron on each ponytail and then brush them both out to create extra body and texture.
-Pin hair up into a bun, and then pull out a few strands to create a textured effect.
-Pull out flyaways around the forehead and finish with hairspray.

6. Wedding Hair: Eva Mendes

A Low Textured Ponytail

How To Get The Look:

-Add a volumizing mousse (like Pantene Medium-Thick Flowing Body Mousse, $11.62, amazon.com) to the roots and a defrizzing cream (like Pantene Medium-Thick Straighten & Smooth Crème, $6, target.com) from midlength to ends.
-Blow dry hair straight with a round brush to create lots of body.
-Tease lightly at the crown for height, then part the hair at the side.
-Wrap two-inch sections of hair around a one-and-a half inch curling iron. Make sure to hold the iron vertically and twist hair around the barrel, alternating your direction.
-Brush out curls and gather the hair into a low knot and secure with a bungee elastic (like this).
-Cover the elastic with a satin ribbon for a girlie touch.

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