4 Ways to Make<br>Your Hair Color Last

Hair color is our best kept secret for breathing new life and vibrancy into our hair, but what happens when it starts to fade, week after week, growing duller and brassier with every washing? Whether you drop hundreds of dollars on your hair color or just a few bucks on an at-home dye job, you still want your hair color to stay vibrant. We tracked down the fabulous bi-coastal Puerto Rican hairdresser Linda Villalobos, who mainly works with the Wayans brothers, but who's also styled Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez in the past, to ask her how to keep hair as colorful and moisturized as the day it comes out of the salon. Here's what she had to say:

1. "Once a week, use a shampoo with color in it," says Villalobos. "I recommend shampoos by Artec, Redken, and Aveda." Artec Color Depositing Shampoo is now being sold under the L'Oreal label ($15.49, mountainbeautysupply.com).

2. "Between touch-ups, use good old fashioned hair mascara," says Villalobos. "This is especially good for masking grays." One good choice is Frederic Fekkai Hi-Lights hair mascara in cognac ($20, beauty.com)

3. "For your regular hair washing, use very gentle shampoos. I love Aveda Shampure," says Villalobos. "Remember, if you shampoo a lot your hair will fade faster." A liter of this stuff will sell for $26.50 at aveda.com, and you know that it won't be diluted because it's straight from the maker.

4. "Colored hair tends to get tangled more easily, so it's important to keep it conditioned, moisturized and treated with protein when it needs it."

"If you can avoid a permanent hair color, that will help the health of your hair. Instead, I highly recommend cellophanes. It coats the hair follicle, seals it, and deposits color without lifting. I do a lot of cellphanes on my clients. And it does last 6-8 weeks." Which is when you'd want to get a touch-up anyway.

Happy hair healthifying!

Serena Kim