10 Tips for Taming Your Curls

Curly hair is beautiful, but we know that it can be a challenge to maintain. Here are some of our tips for getting your ringlets to behave so that you can fully embrace them!

1. Curly Hair: Shakira

Keep the Length

Some curls need to grow past a certain length for the natural curl pattern to fully form. Curls like Shakira’s look best grown past shoulder length because the weight of the hair makes curls looser.

2. Curly Hair: Judy Reyes

Get the Right Cut

Believe it or not short hair can work for a lot of different curl types. It’s all about getting the right cut. Baby fine, spiral curls that are cut too short could wind up looking like poodle hair, but if you have thick, loose waves like Judy Reyes’s, a shoulder length layered bob will fall gracefully and frame your face.

3. Curly Hair: Camilla Belle

Less is More

Don’t shampoo every day. Wavy-hair girls, like Camilla Belle, can lather up every other day; medium-textured chicas every 2 to 3 days; tight curl girls once a week. And switch to a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo (which cleanses and conditions curls) like Devacurl’s No-Poo Cleanser ($17.95, devachansalon.com).

4. Curly Hair: Christina Milian

Condition, Condition, Condition

Spiral curls like Christina Milian’s tend to be dry, so they need extra hydration to prevent frizz. Start using a deep conditioner once a week. A quick option: Garnier’s Triple Nutrition 3 Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment ($6.29, drugstore.com).

5. Curly Hair: Kelis

Condition Even More

Leave-In conditioners are especially important for coarse curls like Kelis’s because they’ll keep hair moisturized all day. We like Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave in Conditioner ($22, sephora.com).

6. Curly Hair: Yasmin Deliz

Toss Your Brush

Brushing your hair is asking for frizz and breakage. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet locks while there is still conditioner in your hair. Start from your ends and work your way up to prevent tearing the hair. This helps create healthy curls like Yasmin Deliz’s.

7. Curly Hair: Paulina Rubio

Prevent Crunchy Curls

Hair gels tend to leave curls stiff and crunchy.  For smooth waves like Paulina Rubio’s, look for a styling cream or a lightweight scrunching gel like Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel ($3.99, walgreens.com).

8. Curly Hair: Adrienne Bailon

Let Hair Air Dry

Blow-drying can cause curls to frizz and poof up.  For sleek curls like Adrienne Bailon’s, style your hair in the shower. Tilt your head, squeeze excess moisture from your hair, add leave-in conditioner and styling cream, then scrunch your curls.  Now skip the towel (it’ll disturb your curl pattern; blot hair with a damp t-shirt if needed) and keep your hands off! The less contact, the less frizz

9. Curly Hair: Gina Torres

When The Heat Is On

If you can’t let your hair air-dry, put a diffuser, like Luxor Original Finger Diffuser ($7.99, rickysnyc.com), on your hairdryer, then heat-dry till hair is almost dry. The diffuser distributes the hot air so curls dry evenly and frizz-free, like Gina Torres’s.

10. Curly Hair: Kat De Luna

Revive Your Curls

No time to wash and style? Or are your curls super frizzy mid-day? No worries. Spritz CURLS Quenched Curls Moisturizer ($16, curls.biz) all over hair. It revitalizes curls, giving them volume and shine like Kat De Luna’s corkscrew ringlets.

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