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How to Achieve The Winter White Frost Beauty Trend
Frost Yourself! Winter's Biggest Hair Trend is One You Need to Try Right Now
By Ashley Jimenez | 12/09/2016 - 15:44

Chicas, this season you need to frost yourself! The biggest winter hair trend is a near-white blonde look that we're totally obsessing over.

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5 Healthy Ways to Go Natural Without The Big Chop
Ready to Go on a Natural Hair Journey? Here’s What You Need to Know
By Ashley Jimenez | 12/08/2016 - 17:45

Enough is enough. This idea of pelo malo needs to be tossed out the window. We all go through such extraordinary lengths to tame our natural locks, and that needs to stop.

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Trying out the Loreal EverPure Repair Remedy Mask
I Tried The L’Oréal EverPure Repair Remedy Mask — Here's What Happened
By Verky Arcos | 12/01/2016 - 15:58

By Verky Arcos Baldonado

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Demi Lovato's New is Perfectly "Cool for the Summer"
Demi Lovato's New Do is "Cool for the Summer"
By Celia Fernandez | 08/09/2016 - 11:22

Demi Lovato is back to her roots. 

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Ryan Lochte is Sporting a Whole New Look Just in Time for the Rio 2016 Olympics
Ryan Lochte Just Got a Whole New Hair Look for the Rio Olympics
By Celia Fernandez | 08/02/2016 - 11:38

Ryan Lochte's favorite color must be blue. 

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The Best Oils for Hair Growth
The Best Oils for Hair Growth
By Chantel Morel | 07/01/2016 - 13:22

if your hair isn't growing beyond your usual length, then your strands are in need of some major nourishment.

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6 Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Summer
6 Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Summer
By Chantel Morel | 06/13/2016 - 11:22

Getting your hair to behave on those humid summer days can be a major dolor de cabeza.

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Shea Moisture’s New Collection Will Be Your Hair’s Summer Savior
SheaMoisture’s New Collection Will Be Your Hair’s Summer Savior
By Chantel Morel | 05/27/2016 - 13:53

Hot summer days call for spur of the moment beach trips, diving into cool pools and loungin’ in the sun for hours, however too much fu

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6  Things You're Doing That Are Ruining Your Hair
6 Things You're Doing That Are Ruining Your Hair
By Chantel Morel | 04/29/2016 - 14:45

When split ends, breakage and unmanageable frizz start to appear, take that as a major cry for help from your hair.

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#SexyTresses Contest
By Latina Promotions | 04/27/2016 - 16:42

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