No More Ponytails! 5 Hairstyles to Look Cute at the Gym

We’re not saying you need to have a full-on break up, but that sloppy ponytail you’ve been sporting to the gym needs to go! Swap it out for one of these styles that are super cute and still keep your hair out of your face (They may even give you a few more reasons to hit that treadmill!):

1. Gym Hairstyles: Shakira

The Side Braid

The Hunger Games totally legitimized the braid as a hardcore hairstyle. Start at one side of your head and work your way around. This will keep the braid securely over one shoulder so it’s not flopping around during your jog.

2. Gym Hairstyles: Alessandra Ambrosio French Twist

The French Twist

Okay, so this may take a few extra steps than just throwing your locks up in a pony, but it’s totally worth it. Pull hair into a low pony and then slowly twist up, securing with bobby pins as you go.

3. Gym Hairstyles: Demi Lovato

The Top Knot

For intense training exercises, go for this won’t-budge style. The key is to secure hair into a high pony before you use pins to hold the bun -- that way it’s two times as likely to stay put.

4. Gym Hairstyles: Camila Alves

The Headband Updo

If you have bangs—or even pesky baby hairs—use this hair accessory for any style. Thanks the headband, no matter how much you sweat, you won’t have that dreaded “wet bangs” look.

5. Gym Hairstyles: Jamie Lynn Sigler

The Half Up-Half Down

Perfect for days when your yoga routine includes more warrior poses than downward dog, this style is feminine yet practical. Hair is pulled back and out of your face and you won’t need to re-do your ‘do for that post-workout Starbucks run.