High Brow: The Art To Keeping Full Eyebrows in Check

Do you have thick (read: bush) eyebrows? With that much brow real estate, you can only trust an aesthetician trained in the art of brow grooming -- and yes, it is an art. Luckily, just as nail salons specialize in manis, there are now boutiques that focus entirely on brows. 

Our beauty editor Amanda Flores stopped at the Benefit Brow Bar on her quest to keep her full brows in check. Finally, she was able to tame her caterpillars -- once and for all: 

1. Brow Mapping

First, the aesthetician’s will plan out the best shape to compliment your face structure. Using natural features, like your nose and eyes, she will map out the length, height and thickness by finding each start and end point, then literally connecting the dots with a brow pencil.

2. Waxing and Trimming

Second, once you have the drawn-on outline of your ideal brow, the brow pro will remove anything outside the line and finish by snipping longer hairs.

3. Touch-Up

Third, at the end of the appointment, she applies a bit of makeup around your brows to cover up any telltale signs of hair removal. You'll never leave with that red, irritated just-waxed look! 

4. Brow Essentials

Fourth, don't forget about these essentials! Just like the rest of your face, brows need makeup, too. Keep these handy for instant wow factor:

  1. Brush on European Wax Center Natural Brow Powder, $20, to fill in sparse areas. 
  2. Add height or length to brows with a few strokes of Nars Brow Perfector, $22. 
  3. Fake fuller looking brows with  Benefit Gimme Brow, $22. The tiny fibers in the gel stick to skin and hairs to create thickness.