EXCLUSIVE: Genesis Rodriguez on Style & Hollywood – “I Think I’m Representing a New Generation of Latinos”

What about guys? What type of guy are you drawn to style-wise?

Listen, I like a guy that’s put together, a guy that takes care of himself, a guy that takes those little risks in fashion by rolling up his jeans and wearing what makes him feel good. I like those kind of guys that blazers and hoodies and t-shirts and make it cool you know? I think the most important thing is for a guy is to put in effort. It translates.

And now you get to say what you like when it comes to their grooming, too.

This Gillette ‘What Women Want’ campaign is a really special campaign. We’re really trying to open up the dialogue between men and women. It may be taboo for men to talk about this, but that’s what we’re trying to say – it’s not! We, as women, talk about hair and nails, shaving, waxing, every single day [laughs]. Men should be having this conversation, too. Because you and I both know that we don’t like to see anything messy all over here [points to torso], am I right? In the chest, on the back… we don’t like to see it. If there’s a good body in front of us and it’s hidden by hair, what’s the point of having it?

Speaking of grooming, what would you consider your number one beauty tip?

You can put on so much makeup and you can do so many things with your hair and you can do your nails so many times, but if you’re not happy and feeling good about who you are, then it’s not going to matter. You have to feel good and be at peace and nurture yourself from within. That’s my number one tip.

What’s your beauty routine like?

Here are my must-dos: moisturize, exfoliate, hydrate. Water is super-important and we forget to drink enough of it! I’m a big believer in juicing. And of course, exercise. No matter how much you hate it, because I hate it too. If anyone tells me that they like exercising I will literally just call them a liar straight up because I hate it more than anything!

For more information about the Gillette What Women Want Campaign, visit youtube.com/Gillette