EXCLUSIVE: Genesis Rodriguez on Style & Hollywood – “I Think I’m Representing a New Generation of Latinos”

Genesis Rodriguez is beautiful. Sitting across from her that much is clear. But when she starts talking, you realize that she’s smart, articulate and funny, too. We caught up with the rising star to chat about her new movie, words of wisdom from her dad (El Puma), and her new campaign with the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler.

Can you tell us about your newest movie Hours?

I play the wife to Paul [Walker]. It’s a story about a father doing whatever he can to try and help his child survive. And this is all happening during Hurricane Katrina, where you’re completely alone and completely desperate. Those conditions and what happened during that time, those tragedies did exist. We really try to capture that truth. No special effects. We’re just making a very beautiful movie.

What attracted you to the role or project specifically?

It’s great to be a part of these action movies and comedies where you have to be very specific character type, but with this movie it was all about acting – just tapping into this character. I come from telanovelas, so I’m all about the drama, but it was great being picked for this project that really showcases what I can do on a different level.