This Is Powerful: Dove Uses FBI Sketch Artist to Show How Women Negatively View Themselves

We are our harshest critics. Dove proved this with a social experiment that required an FBI trained forensic sketch artist. The Real Beauty Sketches short film documents Gil Zamora creating sketches of women who were hidden behind a curtain. Using their descriptions of themselves, he sketched an image of the women without ever seeing them. 

What the women didn't know was that before the experiment they were paired with another person and told to spend some time with them. After, the strangers' also gave their descriptions of the women to Zamora, who then sketched the images.

When the sketches were held side-by-side, the difference was startling. It really illustrates the ongoing struggle women have with recognizing their own beauty.

Watch the video on the next page and let us know: did this strike you as much as it did us?