Does This Work? Deep Conditioners

Creative director Paul Bruno has these amazing chin-length waves. To keep them soft and frizz-free he knows that he has to deep condition regularly. Here are the best deep conditioners he tried:

What They Are: deep conditioning treatments

The Claim
: After one use, these deep conditioners will hydrate, repair, soften, and smooth your strands.

My Results

1. Redken Nature’s Rescue Cooling Deep Conditioner, $17,

I have to be honest, this just felt like regular conditioner—because the formula is so light, it rinsed away quickly and didn’t leave my hair feeling super soft. It’s not bad, but for an intensive deep conditioning treatment, turn to the products below.

Rating (out of 5 stars): 2

2. L'Oreal Professional Fiberceutic Intra-cylane Masque, $22.90,
This is one potent drugstore product! The keratin-based conditioner was very thick in its jar, but smoothed easily through my hair.  It absorbed and rinsed off easily while leaving my hair feeling noticeably softer. My only complaint is that the jar it comes in is very small!  I can't imagine getting more than 3 to 4 uses out of it.

Rating (out of 5 stars): 4

3. Andre Walker TKO Mask, $30,
I fell in love with this conditioner!  Being a guy, fragrance is important (I don't really have any desire to have my significantly long hair smelling like tuberoses or anything too feminine!).  This conditioner had a great unisex scent.  It smoothed onto my hair evenly and completely. Despite rinsing it off a few minutes short of the directions and skipping the suggestion to wear a shower cap while I conditioned, this mask still left my hair feeling amazing!

Rating (out of 5 stars): 5