The Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Pregnancy

The Unexpected Beauty Benefits of Pregnancy
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Kim Kardashian revealed she is expecting her second child on a sneak peek of the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Admittedly, Kardashian was not a huge fan of her first pregnancy, as she suffered from health complications, pain, and media scrutiny. But because we're glass-half-full kind of people, we decided to remind Kim, Naya Rivera, Hilaria Baldwin (and everyone else) of the added beauty perks to being with child.


Dr. Karen Hammerman of Vanguard Dermatology named the five most common benefits below. Remember, everyone has different experiences while pregnant, but many women rave about the following:

The oh-so-lovely pregnancy glow:

Pregnancy makes a woman produce 50 percent more blood, resulting in higher blood circulation throughout the entire body. This can bring more color to the face, giving a pregnant woman the radiant, bright glow that everyone raves about. The hormones in the body get kicked into overdrive, opening up oil glands which also adds to a brightness in the face.

Shiny, radiant hair:

Blood flows to the scalp as well. Healthy hair starts at the roots, and to have thick, shiny hair we need to have a healthy scalp. When pregnant, blood flow is increased to the scalp and oil glands open up due to hormone spikes. This results in natural nourishment for the hair making it much healthier. Prenatal pills are commonly taken by pregnant women as well, which are filled with essential vitamins like biotin that strengthen the hair too.

Nail growth:

Many pregnant woman claim that their nails are are stronger and grow more quickly when pregnant, which is also due to hormones and prenatal vitamins. This results in nails becoming less susceptible to breakage.

Bigger breasts:

Breast swelling is a sure sign of pregnancy due to increased estrogen and progesterone. Breasts typically swell up right away in the first trimester and they continue to grow throughout pregnancy. Women tend to look fuller and more voluptuous, making them feel more feminine.

Swollen lips:

Forget about the pesky tingling lip plumpers—celebs like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian experienced added fullness in their lips throughout their pregnancies.

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