Star Tracker: Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Bobby Cannavale and more

-       Oh, the joys of summer lovin’! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber showed off their affection while vacationing in Hawaii this week. The two lovebirds were seen kissing and hugging on the beautiful white sand beaches of the Aloha state and all we can say is that some of us were jealous.

-       Bobby Cannavale is one dedicated actor! After hitting his head between scenes of his Broadway show, The Motherf***er With the Hat, the 41-year-old needed stitches but decided to continue his performance through the end the play. Bobby, if you need stitches, you need stitches. P.S. congrats on the extension of the show!

-       Child protective services have found Mariah Carey innocent. For nearly two weeks, the new mother had to deal with interviews and visits from the agency after they received a tip that she was drinking beer – which reportedly she was after hospital staff told her it would help her breastfeed. Thankfully, everything is settled, and she can focus on Moroccan and Monroe.

-       The “American Idol” season finale stole the show! Ratings are in and the network saw a 21 percent increase from last year’s finale. Overall, the season rated 12 percent higher than last year, and I think we can thank Jennifer Lopez for part of that.