EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara on How She's Empowering Women With Her New Avon Fragrance

Sofia Vergara Highest-Paid TV Actress
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When Sofia Vergara gives you beauty advice, you take it!

The Modern Family actress recently launched her newest fragrance with Avon, So Very Sofia by Sofia Vegara. The fruity, floral scent was designed to speak to today's strong, powerful, beautiful modern woman. "Avon's mission is incredibly important to me," Vergara said in a statement.

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"The brand offers women a way to build themselves up and achieve financial security, and that's something I strongly believe in. I want to help empower women to take control of her life, and gain the confidence and ability to achieve her dreams."

We caught up with the gorgeous Colombiana during her launch to talk about her new bold and feminine scent, tap into her beauty secrets and more. Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

Your So Very Sofia fragrance is described as bold and feminine. What would you say makes the use of these words as descriptors so important?

I want women who wear Avon So Very Sofia to feel confident and empowered but still not take life too seriously. They should never be afraid to be their true selves — strong, powerful and beautiful.

We love that you incorporated Colombia's national flower into the scent. What does smelling it remind you of most about growing up and living back home?

It’s the national flower of Colombia, my native country, and I love that I could put a piece of my heritage into my scent.

What are your top tips when it comes to wearing perfume?

Fragrance is an amazing accessory — I wear it every day. You can spritz it all over — only place I would say don’t spray fragrance is on your mouth and eyes. Seriously, I spray it on my clothes, my neck behind my hair, and I spray it in my closet.

What is your #1 beauty secret to keep looking so youthful and flawless?

SPF of at least 50 every day. I like to be informed as well on new trends in health and wellness.

What's your top beauty tip for a first date?

Wear the look you feel the best and most comfortable in. Go for the dress and makeup that you know works well for you, so you feel the most confident. This is not the time to try something completely new and then have to worry about that the whole time.

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You're all about empowering women. What's your message to women out there who are dealing with low self-esteem?

Focus on the good over the bad. Find that one thing that makes you different and special — we all have something — and that’s what will help you gain confidence.