5 Sexy Celebrity-Inspired Summer 'Dos to Embrace Your Curls

Forget “tame that mane” advice! This summer we are all about flaunting our sexy Latina curls.

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1. Shakira

Curly hair expert and founder of RICI – a line of products developed to hydrate curls and combat frizzRicky Pennisi breaks it down for Latina.com on how to achieve the Shakira’s sexy ‘do so your hair is all fab and no frizz.

Step 1- Start off with damp hair. Before styling bring your hair into a ponytail with just your hands and from the base of your pony tail out, fill that up with conditioner and overlay the RICI Thirsty Styling Gel  over it. The gel and conditioner combined create a humidity barrier. This will help give soft, beautiful detailed curls.

Step 2- Using the RICI Thirsty Styling Gel  run it through your hair with your palms, not your fingers. This will break your hair into sections, and prevent the actual curl from breaking.

Step 3- Tie up your hair in a long sleeve t-shirt and let it air dry for as long as possible. This will also help keep the curls intact.

Step 4- Remove the t-shirt, and shake your hair around.

Step 5 - For added volume use hair spray to lift the roots and let the hair dry naturally. Use the same shirt to remove any extra product. Finito!


2. Alba Ramos

Our May #StyleWarrior, YouTube Beauty Guru @SunkissAlba shows us that natural curly hair never looked better. 

3. Paulina Rubio

La chica dorada has always rocked her big curls, on-stage and off. 

4. Vanessa Hudgens

Loose curls are a summer ‘do must! 

5. Jennifer Lopez

Long hair, short hair this glowing star loves her rizos.