Nicole Richie Dishes On Her Biggest Beauty Blunder

Ever feel like you're the only one who manages to suffer through some crazy beauty disasters? Bueno, no need to feel that way because you're definitely not! Even celebrities, such as Nicole Richie, face some of life's beauty's worst challenges.

During an interview on Wednesday with Teen Vogue at the 2013 CFDA Awards, Nicole gave fans a little insight on one of her biggest beauty blunders.

"The second I started getting hair in the middle of my eyebrows, I decided to shave it off," she said. "But by shaving it off, I actually went to the middle of my eyebrow, so I had no eyebrows. I only had the ends of my eyebrow. That was nice. That was fun."

What made la cosa worse was that Nicole had no way of concealing what she had done. "I didn't pencil it in because I wasn't old enough," she shared. "I was only 13. So my mom didn't take any pictures of me. That was really comforting. It was a really nice experience."

Pobresita! At least now she doesn't have to worry about her mami denying her of makeup to cover up any blunders.