EXCLUSIVE: Naya Rivera Opens Up About Her Confidence-Shattering Hair Loss Experience

Naya Rivera NIOXIN Celebrity Ambassador Exclusive Interview

Actress, author, singer. Yes, Naya Rivera has quite the resume and now, she can also add "face of NIOXIN."

The 30-year-old Puerto Rican mother is NIOXIN's new celebrity ambassador, a platform she is using to help encourage and empower women to talk about hair loss, in particular the 59% of those who do not know that giving birth can cause them to lose their strands. "I am so thrilled to join the NIOXIN team as their Celebrity Brand Ambassador! Thinning hair has been misrepresented for so long and I think it's about time we elevate the conversation," Rivera said in a statement. "I'm excited to really help people — whether there's a new mom out there who doesn't understand why her hair has changed or started to thin, or a woman who is constantly dealing with dry scalp (like I was) — there is a solution."

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We caught up with the former Glee star to talk about her latest collab with NIOXIN, her experience with hair loss, her go-to regimen for beautiful locks and more.

Read it all in our exclusive interview below:

What prompted you to sign on with NIOXIN?

There were a lot of things that led me to this partnership. It was a natural, organic thing and a no brainer! One was when I had my son Josey and experienced post-partum hair loss. My friend (who was also a new mom) was introduced to the brand by her stylist and then turned me on to it — specifically NIOXINs 3-Part System Kit (I’m a #5 and it’s safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding). When the partnership opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t say no. I like that that they have a wide array of products including care, styling and intensive treatments that really help women/men feel better about themselves. I also love that their products aren’t ‘one size fits all.’ There are six different System Kits, each of which is for a different hair type, and a wide array of other products. It makes sense since we all have different hair types. The brand and its products also feel very personal, which I love and think others will too.

You've always had such beautiful, thick hair but have you ever experienced hair loss/thinning? If so, how did that affect your confidence?

I have naturally curly hair and growing up it was really thick and unmanageable. During and after my pregnancy I started to notice changes. I definitely didn’t get the luscious mane of hair that everyone said you’d get while I was pregnant. After giving birth, in combination with breastfeeding and a major drop in hormones, I noticed thinning in certain areas at the front of my hairline and breakage at the ends of my hair. Like many women, I wasn’t expecting my hair to change so much post-partum and it was pretty scary. I didn’t feel like myself and my confidence definitely suffered because of that. Thankfully, I found a solution using NIOXIN products that truly work.

What's your advice to women dealing with hair loss? It's certainly something not easy to deal with.

I would tell women they aren’t alone. There are so many women dealing with this but aren’t really sure what to do. In fact, 64% of new moms wish they had help finding products for post-partum hair loss. Talk to your stylist! They are the experts and can recommend the best regimen for you. Before I knew about NIOXIN, I was trying all kinds of DIY treatments like carrot seed oil, coconut oil treatments and even went back on prenatal vitamins. When I started using NIOXIN products, that’s when I really started seeing results. One of my favorite products to help protect against heat damage and breakage is NIOXIN Therm Activ Protector.

What does your go-to regimen involve to help make your strands strong and shiny?

I usually blow dry my hair so starting in the shower I use NIOXIN’s Scalp Recovery System (Cleanser, Conditioner Serum). I’ve always had a dry scalp and using hot tools on set for so many years obviously didn’t help! Then I use their Bodyifying Foam at the roots and blow-dry.

What are your favorite products for hair growth?

NIOXIN’s Diamax Advanced is a leave-on treatment used to increase your existing hair’s diameter instantly. It doesn’t per-se regrow your hair but it makes your hair fuller and protects against breakage. For advanced thinning and regrowth you would use NIOXIN’s Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Take us through your daily beauty routine.

My daily beauty routine varies a lot depending on how much time I have to get ready. I work out in the mornings so I typically won't start to "get ready" until after that. I'll shower, wash my face and hair, then depending on what the day calls for I will either leave my hair to air dry naturally, or get a blow out with makeup. I do a cucumber enzyme face at least once a week and I'm always sure to use under eye cream everyday morning, and night.

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What's the one thing you do every day to try to ensure you're feeling your best?

That is a tough one! I don't think anyone feels their best every single day, but I do try to start every day with the intention of making it the best day it can be. I sort of mentally scan my mind and body first thing when I wake up, and try to go forward throughout the day with a sense of hope and excitement. What's the best beauty advice you've ever received? The best advice I've ever received is to always love yourself no matter what.