BFF's Lora Arellano-Tovar & Dana Bomar Dish on Being Jefas of Melt Cosmetics

EXCLUSIVE: Melt Cosmetics Jefas Lora Arellano-Tovar and Dana Bomar Dish It All


Lora: Everyone wishes some part of their face or body was different but everyone is beautiful in their own way, and makeup should be used as a way to enhance beauty. I think all women should feel comfortable in their own bare skin but makeup can make a woman, or a man, feel a little sexier and more confident, and who doesn’t want to feel sexy?!

DanaMakeup has always been a part of my life because of the influence of my older sisters. It’s such a fun way to change your look on a daily basis. Really, beauty has no rules or limits.


Lora: Dana is always supportive of me even when I have tons of freelance makeup gigs or when I go on the road with Rihanna. Dana continues taking care of Melt. She loops me into every step and vice versa. When she has acting gigs, I make sure I’m at the office so we don’t miss a beat.

Dana: We were developing Melt Cosmetics secretly for about a year while working at Nordstrom. It’s also when Lora got the call to go on tour with Rihanna. Lora’s celebrity makeup career took off at the same time we launched Melt! It was a crazy and exciting time. We make every decision big or small as partners. We are practically married.


Dana: From the outside, our cultures may seem different but we are similar. I can always relate to Lora’s stories about her family. We both have strict parents and two sisters. Lora’s dad has always been a huge inspiration and role model for her. He owns his own restaurant and never stops working. Actually, I think our dads might be clones!

Lora: Our parents sound exactly the same. Sometimes we share stories about our parents and we laugh at the similarities. Dana’s hard work ethic definitely comes from her parents.


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Lora: Managing a business and a marriage is definitely a juggling act. I definitely got lucky. I have a wonderful husband who is beyond supportive even with all the traveling I have to do with my work. Dana and I promise to take at least one vacation a year to help balance work lives and our love lives.

Dana: Our schedules can make it hard to spend time quality time with my love, but being busy makes me happy. I am grateful to have a man who understands me. When it’s high emotional times it’s important to smooth things out face-to-face. Everything is better dealt with in person.

Watch out for Lora Arellano-Tovar and Dana Bomar's new Melt Cosmetics releases coming soon.