Lupita Nyong'o Gives Her Best Beauty Advice & Reveals Her Favorite Product!

Lupita Nyong'o is honored by Sally Morrison & LoveGold
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Lupita Nyong'o is beautiful. In fact, it was confirmed by People, who named her the Most Beautiful Person. So when she's asked about her favorite products and beauty advice, you don't just listen, you write it down! The star recently revealed a couple of her favorites to ELLE. Her new product obsession? Lip liner. 

"I had always been confused about how and why to use lip liner. [Makeup artist] Nick Barose taught me to match my lip liner not to my lipstick but to my skin tone. It frames the lip, and lipstick seems to stay on longer."

When it comes to her eyes, Nyong'o prefers Lancôme’s Kissed by Gold eye-shadow. "I carry [the] palette with me all the time. I brush the darkest shade on my brows to give them definition."

When it comes to her nighttime routine and taking the makeup off, Nyong'o keeps it natural, using regular avocado oil. "I dab very lightly, because I don’t want to massage the makeup further into my pores, and then I wipe it off with a gauze cloth."

Finally, when it comes to her hair, she keeps it simple: "Sometimes when I comb my hair out there are a lot of strands sticking up and it looks messy, so [hairstylist] Larry Sims taught me to just use a hot towel, placed gently on top, to calm the curls down. It gives my Afro a sleeker look."

BRB, rushing out for some lip liner and avocado oil. What do you think of Nyong'o's favorites? Which are your must-haves?