Exclusive: Jordana Brewster Shares Her Best Beauty Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Exclusive: Jordana Brewster Shares Allergy Season Beauty Tips and the Key to Life Balance

Jordana Brewster is one busy momma!

Between her current TV roles, being a mom, and her latest partnership with Zyrtec bringing new solutions to allergy sufferers nationwide, this Panamana-born Brazilian's schedule is jam packed.

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Read below to find out how Jordana deals with allergy season, and balances work and play. Plus, get an insight at what it was like for her to star on the controversial series, The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Spring is here which means it’s time to switch up from our winter routines. How do you get ready for the new season?

I just realized that naturally, I start gravitating into using a little more bronzer and a little more of a pinky blush. Bronzer is my favorite thing in the world, especially when I’m in my allergy stage and I’m a little more puffy because of the spring. Bronzer is like my best friend.

Besides the blooming flowers and nice weather, spring is also a really rough time for allergy sufferers. What are some of your tips when it comes to dealing with allergies and still trying to put on your best face?

Well, living in L.A I feel like allergy season is all year round. Unfortunately, you never really know when it’s going to hit so I take Zyrtec in the morning because I need 24 hour relief and that’s what Zyrtec gives me. Then if I have allergy face, which means watery eyes and little more of a puffy face, I usually do this routine my friend and makeup artist Jamie Greenberg taught me. You start with a little bit of blush, then use some under eye concealer that lightens and helps define your face a little more. The other thing I really love is using a pop of color on your lips, which you can totally get away with now that it’s spring. And it helps you distract from everything else that’s going on with your face, if all else fails.

As a busy working mom, what are your top beauty tips for moms that are always on the go?

I think less is more. I usually have five or six things that I always carry in my makeup bag that I know will make me feel good, so I keep it very simple. I always carry wipes around because they’re always a lifesaver. So just knowing what your essentials are and keeping it very simple is what works for me.

You recently played Denise Brown, Nicole Brown's sister, in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story — how was that?  

It was amazing to play a real life person, and I felt like I wanted to honor her. I watched footage of her and read the book her sister authored and really did my research. It was the only role so far in my career that merged my geeky side, I love reading and learning and it sort of merged that aspect of my personality with my more creative side. It was definitely a dream come true. And I remember when the case was going on my school shut down so that we could all hear the verdict. They wheeled this television into the assembly room so we could all  watched and we couldn’t believe it. I remember it was like a real life soap opera, you know I’m scolding in front of it and no one could believe what was going on. I knew when Ryan Murphy was going to cast the subjects that he would do such an amazing job, which he did. It’s a project I’m so proud to be a part of.

You also recently joined the cast for Fox’s Lethal Weapon pilot, can you tell us a little bit about your character?

Yes, hopefully it gets picked up because filming it would be so much fun. To be a part of that show and to work with Damon Wayans Sr., who I watched growing up would be amazing. I play a therapist and a hostage negotiator, I’m the grounded sane person amongst all of these adrenaline junkies. It was really fun to shoot the pilot so I hope we really get a chance to keep exploring the series.

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With everything you have going on, how do you manage to balance it all?

I try as hard as I can when I’m with my son to be sure to give him my full attention, meaning phone and everything else away. I’m really lucky that with my career I’m not away from him everyday. I’m away from him at times but when I’m with him I get to be with him for a extended periods. I consider myself lucky compared to some moms that have to be away more often. I think having a really good support group, having friends that are moms who experience similar things, and having people to vent to has also helped me alot. My family is really close to me so when I need help with babysitting my mom and sisters are always there. That’s the best support network ever.