Whoa! Gina Rodriguez Shaved Her Head — And She Looks So Fierce

Gina Rodriguez Shaved Her Head —And Looks Fierce AF!
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It's certainly been one eventful week for Gina Rodriguez

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Earlier this month, the Jane the Virgin star posted a flick with a shorter ‘do. However, it looks like the lob just didn’t quite cut it. Rodriguez posted another image Wednesday afternoon rocking an even shorter ponytail paired with shaved sides. “Annihilation #AnyaThorensen,” Rodriguez captioned the image.

 Fans who have gotten to know and love the star with her long locks quickly took to social media after the big reveal, but the Puerto Rican actress shared that the big change is for a new role she’s taking on.

"Why thank you! Hair does grow back," Rodriguez responded to one fan. "Transforming is my job and something I feel lucky I get to do."

The Chicago native is set to star in a 2017 sci-fi thriller titled Annihilationalongside Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac. Although few details have been released on the film, it sure looks like Rodriguez is going to have one kickass role.

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We’re certainly digging the new ‘do, Gina, and can’t wait to see what’s next!


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