Get The Look: Christina Milian's Grecian Goddess Look

Insider Tips: 

Use the Right Products: When asked what he recommends for those trying to achieve this look at home, Randy mentioned Christina's hair is thick and gorgeous but not all of us are blessed with that naturally. “I always recommend my clients start taking Viviscal because it makes a big difference. The hair grows faster and gives more oomph, while leaving a healthy shine and soft finish. You end up having more volume because it is thicker and gives an all-around healthier appearance."

Healthy Lifestyle: “I have a lot of clients that complain about thin, dry, unhealthy and dull hair and the first thing I always ask them is what are you doing? They always admit to something unhealthy. People forget hair is alive. If you keep your body healthy and feed it what it needs to function, your hair is bound to grow and flourish too.”

Balanced Diet: Randy also noted how important diet is. He recommends Viviscal, lots of water, sunflower seeds, eggs, whole grains - all things that make hair shine beautifully, and keep it hydrated. “I am big on supplements for hair and skin, I tell all my clients, teach your body right and your hair and skin will look beautiful.”