Get Lea Michele's Emmy Look!

Birthday girl and nominee Lea Michele was gorgeous from head to toe at last night's Emmy Awards. In fact, she was one of the most beautiful stars of the night! But what was it exactly that made her stand out, and how can you get the same look?

Try these three trend-setting tweaks:

1. Lea Michele: Blue Cat-Eye

Sexy Blue Cat-Eye
Lea Michele's teal eyeliner (which is Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium, $24, smudges across her upper lash lines then goes past the outer corners of her eyes for a sexy cat-eye effect. To extend your eyeliner like this, first make a dot where you'd like the line to end, then gently drag your pencil from that dot down to the corner of your eye (pulling down--instead of flicking out--offers more control).

2. Lea Michele: Copper Highlights

Cool Copper Highlights
Placing highlights on only the bottom half of your hair is this season's hottest hair color trend. "Since Lea is still shooting episodes of “Glee” and we couldn’t do anything permanent, I added in a few clip-in hair extensions to create a golden/coppery effect throughout the ends of her hair," says celeb stylist Mark Townsend. You can do the same ( has a bunch of options), or use an at-home highlighting kit (like L'Oreal Touch on Highlights, $14, to place a couple of streaks from midlengths to ends.

3. Lea Michele: Dark Nails

Daring Dark Nails
This high-gloss navy lacquer (try Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Opening Night, $9, matches Lea's midnight blue satin Oscar de la Renta gown perfectly. To make sure the dark shade is glam, not goth, paint it on short nails and keep it chip-free with a clear top coat.

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