The First Annual '25 Under 25' Latina Celeb Beauty Awards!

We’re a beautiful bunch – and these young women definitely show that! We’re taking a look at our young celebrities 25 and younger who have that one thing that sets them apart and makes them, in a word, gorgeous! Take a look at the awards then let us know: who is your favorite young Latina beauty?

1. beauty slide 01_Demi Lovato

The Hair Chameleon: Demi Lovato

Whether pink, blonde, dark or ombre, one thing’s for sure: Demi isn’t afraid to switch things up! We love her penchant for style risks, and thankfully she looks great no matter her hair color! We’ll be keeping an eye out for the next change…

2. beauty slide 02_Sarah Ramos

The Coolest Crop: Sarah Ramos

Sarah Ramos would pretty much look great no matter length, but when she chopped off her long locks for this short ‘do it was a definite winner in our book.

3. beauty slide 03_Leslie Grace

The Retro Beauty: Leslie Grace

Filming a music video, walking a red carpet, posing for photos – just a regular day in the life of singer Leslie Grace. But it seems this performer has taken her cues from past generations, rocking winged eyeliner, mod teased hair and sleek 60s looks. We’re fans!

4. beauty slide 04_Christian Serratos

The Beauty Chameleon: Christian Serratos

Christian sure has come a long way since Twilight. She’s worked probably every color on the spectrum – and we’re not just talking about hair. From red lips to purple eyes to everything in between, she’s not shy about changing up her look!

5. beauty slide 05_Alexa Vega

The Biggest Makeover: Alexa Vega

Spy Kids seems like lightyears away! The actress has transformed right before our eyes – and it doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. From dark to light locks,  smoky eyes to lashes, lashes and more lashes, Alexa seems to be taking steps to grow up her look. We can’t wait to see what her next change will be!

6. beauty slide 06_Selena Gomez

The Red Carpet Goddess: Selena Gomez

Mark our words: Selena Gomez is making headway as a style icon. With designer duds from Oscar de la Renta to Dolce & Gabbana, the star definitely packs a style punch – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Trying smoky eyes, fuschia lips, or bronzed skin on the carpet, Selena has shown she’s all about mixing up her look – and looking incredible while doing it.

7. beauty slide 07_Francia Raisa

The Glam Beauty: Francia Raisa

Francia is always glam. Whether going for a dark, winged eye look, wearing a high-shine gloss to highlight her smile or rocking a voluminous hairstyle, her beauty look is always put together and fabulous!

8. beauty slide 08_Daniella Monet

The Perfect Pout: Daniella Monet

The former Victorious star is known for her tousled, wavy hair – but its her pout that has us talking! Honestly, if she wants to make a kissy face in every pic, we’d forgive her.

9. beauty slide 09_Becky G

The Best Smile: Becky G

We love singer and rapper Becky G’s urban style – but we’re huge fans of her smile! Her characteristic gap only proves that sometimes what others might consider imperfections only work to make you more beautiful!

10. beauty slide 10_Victoria Justice

The Best Hair: Victoria Justice

C’mon, is this really a surprise? Victoria Justice has great hair – and she knows how to work it. Rarely sporting an updo, Victoria often wears her hair sleek and straight, but sometimes works a tousled look as well. However she styles it, it always leaves us thinking the same thing: I want her hair.

11. beauty slide 11_Jasmine V

The Makeup Maven: Jasmine V

Our Beauty & Boys blogger not only has insight into matters of the heart, but also into matters of makeup! With great tips, recommendations and even applications techniques, Jasmine proves she knows her products – and that’s evident in her photos!

12. beauty slide 12_Jessica Sanchez

The Greatest Skin: Jessica Sanchez

We’d use one word to describe singer Jessica Sanchez: glowing. The young performer always looks fresh and luminous both on stage and on the red carpet, making us, well, incredibly envious. Tell us your secret Sanchez!

13. beauty slide 13_Lourdes Leon

Beauty Risk Taker: Lourdes Leon

The daughter of the Material Girl herself, it’s no surprise that Lourdes has no qualms about switching up her look and trying different trends – from colored hair to dark-dark-dark makeup.

14. beauty slide 14_Bella Thorne

The Trendsetter: Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is super-young (only 15!) but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her eye on style. She’s always on top of the latest trend – from fishtail braids or hot nail art – and we’re impressed. We’re definitely keeping our eye on this stylista in the making!

15. beauty slide 25_Sara Paxton

Prettiest Eyes: Sara Paxton

Actress Sara Paxton defies Latina stereotypes with her blonde hair and blue eyes. And we love that! But mostly, we’re also just super-jealous of her amazing, large, gorgeous (insert other complimentary adjectives here) eyes. So pretty!

16. beauty slide 15_Genesis Rodriguez

The Bronzed Beauty: Genesis Rodriguez

Genesis is the daughter of El Puma and the Cuban model Carolina Perez. Talk about good genes! She always looks like she just got back from the beach, and her skin just glows.  In short: we’re jealous.

17. beauty slide 16_Sandra Vergara

Best Seductive Stare: Sandra Vergara

Sandra Vergara shares the same cat-eye stare as her cousin (and adopted sister) Sofia Vergara, and that is one awesome trait to have in the family gene pool.

18. beauty slide 17_Emily Rios

The Natural Beauty: Emily Rios

Breaking Bad star and actress Emily Rios has an effortless beauty, which we’ve witnessed in front of the cameras, thanks to her dressed-down and natural roles. We can’t wait to see more of this beauty!

19. beauty slide 18_Nathalia Ramos

Fantastic Brows: Nathalia Ramos

Full brows are in, and Nickelodeon star Nathalia Ramos shows just how they’re done with her awesome brows. Brow shape can really make or break a beauty look, and with a shape like this, Nathalia sparkles in front of the camera and off.

20. beauty slide 19_Joan Smalls

Best Bone Structure: Joan Smalls

This model has great features, but the thing we’re most obsessed with is her fabulous bone structure. (Seriously, it’s kind of impossible for her to take a bad picture.)  

21. beauty slide 20_Makenzie Vega

Fresh Face: Makenzie Vega

Taking a cue from big sis Alexa Vega, Makenzie is working to make her own mark in Hollywood – and with a face that will keep us guessing her age (in the best way!) she’s well on her way.

22. beauty slide 21_Raini Rodriguez

The Cutest Curls: Raini Rodriguez

Curls, curls, curls! Raini Rodriguez makes curly girls proud with her awesome locks and style. Love!

23. beauty slide 22_Fifth Harmony

The Most Beautiful Group: Fifth Harmony

Three out of the 5 girls are Latina in this amazing, up-and-coming girl group – and their style is on point. Whether they’re wearing hot pink lips or winged eyeliner, shimmer or muted tones – these girls know how to show off individual style while looking good as a group. Can’t wait to see what they wear next!

24. beauty slide 23_Seychelle Gabriel

The Most Photogenic Beauty: Seychelle Gabriel

Seychelle, who was last seen in the TV show Falling Skies, is one person who never seems to take a bad picture. Ever. (What is your secret Seychelle?!)

25. beauty slide 24_ Daniela Bobadilla

The Young Stunner: Daniela Bobadilla

The Mexican-born actress has gotten a lot of buzz about looking like other big celebrities, but we’d say she’s got a look all her own! Awesome hair, great skin, gorgeous eyes – Daniela is the whole package.