6 Beauty Lessons Eva Mendes Taught Us

5 Beauty Lessons Eva Mendes Taught Us

Eva Mendes is possibly the epitome of effortless beauty.

The mother-of-two graced the cover of our September 2016 issue, only weeks after giving birth to her second daughter, and she looked gorgeous as ever. We turned to the CIRCA Beauty creative director to snag a few beauty tips because clearly, homegirl knows what she's doing.

Here are six beauty lessons the Cuban American star taught us:

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1. Know your face: “To know your face shape and to know what you’re working with. For me, because I have a long face and strong jaw, even a little thing like applying the cream blush (CIRCA Ultrasuede Cream Blush), I apply it horizontally (and never skip the nose), it really helps break up my face.”

2. How to properly apply foundation: “Well, one of the things I love about Circa at Walgreens is that we have testers for foundation. It’s really cool and very rare. After being open to testing these certain shades, I’ve heard that the best way to do it is apply on your cheekbone, not your hand or your wrist. It’s very rare that those areas are the same color as our faces.”

3. Use baby powder for oily strands: “I use baby powder in my hair; it soaks up oil and gives you this very dry texture, and makes my hair manageable if I want to put it up. So if I leave it down it gives me a good texture, and if I put it up it just kind of, I don't know, works. That's something else I got from my mom.”

4. Top three CIRCA items everyone should own: “The CIRCA Ultrasuede Cream Blush in 03 Portofino, for sure. I just do that with my fingers, and you can use it on your lips, too. I love it so much. We have a really amazing bronzing powder the color is Amalfi Coast and I love it because it's super-matte and you can use it for light contour, too. The Magic Hour Illuminating Glow, again it's multipurpose, you can use on your Cupid’s bow, under the eyes, on the brow bone, and as highlighter on your cheekbones and it helps wake me up when I haven't gotten any sleep."

5. How to make your eyes appear less tired: “To create a bigger and more awake eye I use Circa High Definition Eye Lining Pencil. I don’t close my eyeliner at the corners of my eyes. It’s a lifesaver!”

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6. Have a personal scent: “My parents were strict when it came to using makeup, I was very limited in what I can use until I turned 18. My mom showed me the importance of having a personal scent and how to apply eyeshadow.”