5 Celebs Name Their Latina Beauty Inspirations!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — but some celebrities agree that some of the most beautiful women are Latinas. (No surprise there!) So which stars have come clean about their beauty crushes? Take a peek:

1. Tyra

Tyra Banks

In a press meeting, Tyra Banks admitted to us that both Salvadorian Christy Turlington and Brazilian Adriana Lima were amazingly beautiful. "Christy is just amazingly beautiful and I would see her a lot earlier in my career. When I moved to becoming a Victoria's Secret model, I would look at Adriana Lima and be like, those lips!"

2. Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen

Julie can't stop singing her Modern Family co-star's praises, and with good reason — the colombiana is beautiful. “She embraces all that she is and all that she came into the world with, and uses it to its maximum effect,” Bowen told Good Morning America. “She is such a female! I’ve always been more of a tomboy, and as she says on her Kmart ad, ‘You are a women, dress like one!’ I want to be her when I grow up.”

3. Jewel


Puerto Rican Jennifer Lopez has a slew of famous fans, and Jewel is one of them! When asked about her beauty and fitness inspiration, she said: “I love J. Lo’s body. I will never have her little waist or her abs, and I’ll never have her booty, but I have other assets, hopefully! I’ve seen J. Lo gain 5 pounds, like we all have, and she looks great. She owns it. She’s just like, ‘Yeah, there it is. Boom.’”

4. Kate King

Kate King

When asked her beauty muse, the young model told Elle, "I think somebody like Christy Turlington, who has a really strong background in human rights is really inspiring. She’s also amazing, beautiful, and has a great style. She’s all-around classy."

5. Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung

The famous designer is no newbie to beautiful faces, but a Boricua has a particular place in his heart: "I’ve known Joan [Smalls] for a very long time and the obvious thing about her is her beauty and her personality. Everyone is inspired by her. But the truth about her is in the grit and the things that she’s been through; and yet she’s worked so hard. Her personality has complexities. She’s very fun-loving, but she’s also extremely intelligent and smart. It's amazing to be a woman who is that beautiful and has that many layers. She is beauty with substance."