Bella Thorne Proves You Can Have Acne & Still Get a Skincare Deal

Bella Thorne Lands Skincare Collabo  By Being Real
Getty Images

Ever felt like your manchas were being judged? You're not alone! Even the rich and famous struggle with beauty problems.

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Bella Thorne has been named the new spokeswoman for Bioré, and will be empowering Latinas to love themselves inside and out. The unfiltered Cuban actress previously opened up about her acne problem on social media. And earlier this year, she even endured backlash from critics who called her "dirty." Even though the 19-year-old actress isn't known for a squeaky clean image, we love that the beauty brand has chosen someone many people can relate to. 

Talk about a way to fight back acne, along with encouraging other women to follow her lead. The skincare brand’s latest three products are targeted for oily, dry, and combinational skincare problems. (You can check out the collaboration in February.)

In the photo below Bella, sends an alert to her fans showing off her real skin and pure beauty: