EXCLUSIVE: Anjelah Johnson Talks Benefit Cosmetics "Wing Women" Campaign

Anjelah Johnson

We all have them, so what was the most embarrassing beauty blunder you've ever experienced?
I don't even know if I should be sharing this, it's that embarrassing, but oh well, here it goes. A long time ago I was visiting one of those touristy/funny/ believe it or not type of museums on the pier in San Francisco. At one point during the tour I happened to catch a glimpse of myself  along a row of mirrors on the wall. Of course I did what any normal person would do and checked myself out to make sure I was on point. I noticed that I had a little pimple on my face. Uh oh! I looked around to make sure no one was looking and I discreetly popped my pimple and then kept walking and went about my business.
I found out as I exited the museum that the mirrors were 2 way and that people were standing on the other side of my mirror watching me pop my pimple!! How embarrassing? I dare you to top that!
You have amazing skin! What does your beauty routine entail?
Thank you! That's because I pop my pimples in museum mirrors. Every night I remove my make up with remover wipes, wash my face, and use a night time moisturizer and eye cream. I love It’s Potent by Benefit. In the morning I use a moisturizer with SPF. SPF is super important.
What are some of your go-to beauty products?
Lip Balm for sure! I hate having chapped lips. I've been using Benefit Hoola Bronzer (available at sephora.com) for years. It's my absolute favorite. I also like to keep on hand some sort or blot powder or blot tissue.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you've ever received?
Sleep! It's so important to be rested. It's good to replenish yourself with what your body needs to be able to give it another go tomorrow.

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