EXCLUSIVE: Anjelah Johnson Talks Benefit Cosmetics "Wing Women" Campaign

Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is our favorite funny gal (Bon Qui Qui, anyone?)!

The Mexican-American comedic actress has teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics to bring beauty lovers a unique and hilarious '90s-themed music video for the brand's "Wing Women" campaign.

We caught up with Johnson to get the scoop on her involvement with Benefit, her favorite "wing woman" essentials, her beauty routine and more! Read it all in our exclusive interview below (and find out how you can win your own set of Benefit goodies):

Tell us about your involvement with Benefit Cosmetics and your favorite part about working on this '90s-themed video.
When I was asked to be a part of this project I was super excited because I have been using Benefit Cosmetics for years. It’s such a fun brand  so I was definitely on board with collaborating with them on something that ultimately is supposed to make people laugh. My favorite part about this video is that my alter ego Bon Qui Qui got to come out and play in Las Vegas of all places. It was so fun!
The video centers on being a "Wing Woman," have you ever been a wing woman?
Of course I have! If you have ever been there for your girlfriend when she needed to borrow your lip gloss, or she needed help figuring out what to text back to this new guy, or she wanted to leave a nasty comment on her ex-boyfriend’s Instagram and you needed to talk her off the ledge, then you have been a wing woman too!
What are your wing woman essentials?

For starters, I have to have Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner ($24, sephora.com) to wing out my look! My cell phone charger is an absolute necessity, lipbalm, and most importantly my self-confidence. You can paint your face with make up all day but if you're not confident in yourself, then what's the point? Concealer can't cover insecurity. Be proud of who you are and embrace your imperfections!


Was there a '90s beauty look you loved so much you'd want it to make a comeback?
Well, I was kind of a chola in the '90s so I don't think anyone wants to see my black lip liner lips and skinny eye brows again!

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