Beauty Resolutions 2014: Things You Need To Try & Things You Need To Stop Doing

We get it: you made a lot of promises to yourself on January 1. You'd get fit, wake up early, drink more water, and balance your checkbook...and, of course, none of those things have quite happened. 

Well, we have good news: these beauty resolutions are simple and easy...and you won't believe the results! 


1. Do: Invest in good brushes and tools

Do: Invest in good brushes and tools.

Excuse me, but why are you still hanging on to that $2 blush brush you bought from Target a decade ago? If you use makeup every day, investing in good quality brushes should be a priority, especially because dirty, old brushes are brimming with oil and bacteria which can lead to breakouts. Invest in a new set!

2. Don't: Hang on to old makeup and brushes.

Don’t: Hang on to old makeup and brushes.

Ok, now that you’ve gone ahead and purchased a wonderful new set of brushes -- it’s time to toss out the old ones! Dump out all your makeup, and examine each and every product, checking for quality and smell. If the product has a weird, chemical odor, toss it. While foundation and lip gloss are good for up to two years, mascara needs to be replaced more frequently and should be thrown out after about six months. The final step in your makeup purge should be throwing away all your worn out brushes and thoroughly washing the rest. Just use a drop of regular shampoo and warm water and lay them flat to dry on a towel! 

3. Do: Invest in bi-weekly manicures.

Do: Invest in bi-weekly manicures.

Or learn to do it yourself! Either way, it’s hard to look put together when your nails are uneven or your polish is chipped. Even if you’re a no-frills kind of gal, make sure your nails are clean and well-kept. 

4. Don't: Bite your nails.

Don’t: Bite your nails.

It’s time to stop. We know it’s hard for all you Type-A personalities who have problems with teeth clenching and nail biting, but did you know that you can actually get worms from biting your nails? Yes, picture that for a few seconds every time you think about sticking your fingers in your mouth. 

5. Do: Get more sleep.

Do: Get more sleep.

Seriously, we know it’s hard to get to bed at a reasonable hour....especially if you’ve been binge watching Orange Is The New Black for the last four hours. Shut your computer, and get some shut eye instead. Getting more sleep can curb inflammation, keep your weight down, and prevent dark eye circles in the morning. They call it "beauty rest" for a reason. 

6. Don't: Drink caffeinated sodas.

Don’t: Drink caffeinated sodas.

Ok, so you went to bed late last night (even though we just told you not to) and now you need a Diet Coke to get you through the afternoon slump. From a beauty perspective, soda does a lot of damage to your teeth -- destroying enamel tooth surfaces and staining your pearly whites. Not to mention, carbonated beverages can lead to unflattering and uncomfortable bloating, and who wants that? 

7. Do: Figure out your skin type.

Do: Figure out your skin type.

You have no excuse to be using products that specifically say “For Oily Skin” when you know your skin is dry in some places. Do a little bit of research about different skin types and the products that work, or book an appointment with your dermatologist if you’re confused. 

8. Don't: Use foundation that's the wrong color.

Don’t: Use foundation that’s the wrong color.

On that note, using foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer, or concealer that doesn’t match your skin is a huge beauty no-no. Your color should blend seamlessly with your skin tone, so you look like you have naturally perfect skin -- not like you piled on a bottle of orange concealer. Head over to your favorite department or beauty store, and ask a sales associate for help. They’d be happy to try out different shades on your jawline, so you can walk away with the perfect match. Remember, if you tan in the summer, you may need to reevaluate your foundation and purchase a darker product for those months. 

9. Do: Wear sunscreen.

Do: Wear sunscreen

This one should be obvious, but sadly, most of us chicas still don’t bother to slather on some SPF before we leave our house in the am. Yes, you need to wear sunscreen to the beach, but you also need to wear it to the office. UV rays can do unspeakable damage to your skin. Besides causing cancer, the sun can cause cosmetic damage: leaving you with wrinkles, tough, leathery skin, and discoloration. Do yourself a favor and slather on one of these five sunscreens before heading out the door. 

10. Don't: Go to tanning salons.

Don’t: Go to tanning salons.

Yes, they are just as bad as actually frying your skin in the sun. Skip the tanning salon, and instead opt for a self-tanner or bronze-tinted body lotion. Even Jennifer Lopez, who’s known for her luminous glow, admitted that she gets her sun-kissed look from Body Bling -- not from tanning salons or sun exposure. Just like with foundation, make sure to choose the self-tanner that best matches your complexion. After all, you want to look glowing -- not orange. Here are a few we love.