Beauty Transformation: Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa Bryant is a certified stunner whose looks have dramatically changed since meeting her basketball hubby more than a decade ago. Click through to see Vanessa transform!

1. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 1

October 2000:

A year after meeting Kobe, the 18-year-old had a look that fit the trend at that time: frosted lips, light metallic shadow, and heavy blonde highlights. 

2. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 2

July 2001:

Only a couple of months into her marriage, Vanessa was already perfecting her public image, showing off a sleek black satin blazer and even blonder, retro-style waves.

3. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 3

September 2004:

With Kobe’s sexual assault charges behind him, the couple looks happy and stunning, especially Vanessa who wore her hair long and golden brown. 

4. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 4

July 2006:

After just having her second daughter, Gianna, two months before, Vanessa looks absolutely stunning with black, shiny long hair, full brows, and a beautiful bronze glow. 

5. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 5

May 2007:

Vanessa keeps her dark locks, but adds blunt bangs to her style while attending the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere with Kobe and her oldest daughter Natalia.

6. Beauty Transformation: Vanessa Bryant 6

February 2011:

At Kobe’s hand and footprint ceremony, Vanessa wore her black hair in a romantic updo and kept her makeup soft, with a subtle smoky eye, and warm berry cheeks and lips. Ten months later, Vanessa filed for divorce.

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The stunning Vanessa keeps her hair a dark, natural black and classy with a bright, red lip. We love this look the best.