Home Depot Bathroom Redux

1. Bathroom Redux - 1

How exactly did Home Décor & Lifestyle Expert Martin Amado transform every aspect of this bathroom into this fabulous, refreshing end result? Click on the next few slides to find out… and get inspired!

2. Bathroom Redux - 2

Colorless and ho-hum, the bathroom lacked storage space and had a bland color palette. The makeover plan? Brighten things up with a mix of new neutrals and vivid colors that update without any major renovations. Make things more contemporary, workable and welcoming by finding products at The Home Depot that make everything pleasing to the eye.

3. Bathroom Redux - 3

The steps we took? The dated peachy-beige sink was swapped for a modern white vanity, creating clean lines and more storage. Gone, too, is the clunky oversized medicine cabinet, replaced by an elegant oval mirror on hinges. And, of course, to add big impact for little cost we replaced the light fixture to instantly give the room the bright light that it deserved!

See below the picture for a list of products purchased at The Home Depot.

4. Bathroom Redux - 4

Next up: the wall color! Punching up the color palate was essential.  Browsing through all of The Home Depot's available paint colors was a fun experience.  And, with help from their Color Matching Technology, you can get exactly the color you want.  The result? Click "next" to find out!

5. Bathroom Redux - 5

Our Home Décor and Lifestyle Expert, Martin Amado, chose a soft gray for the walls, accessories in bright fuchsias and pale blues—plus a vivid blue ceiling accented by graceful crown molding—to make the look feminine yet up-to-date. Toiletry items and a bamboo shade added texture, while a glass shelf made for a sleek display piece. Now, the room is infused with personality!

See below the picture for a list of products purchased at The Home Depot.

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